Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle for osteoarthritis


Suggested Diet for Osteoarthritis:

1. Take food that is rich in calcium like cheese, orange juice, leafy vegetables, Cereals, etc.

2. Drink milk regularly as it has vitamin D content in it.

3. Take a lot of vitamin K rich foods such as lettuce, spinach, Brussels sprouts etc.,

4. Take care to consume only freshly cooked warm food and take hot soups of lentils, pulses and meat with  ginger, black pepper and long pepper powdered sprinkled to it..

5. It is essential to include a moderate amount of ghee and oil in diet as it lubricates the joints. It has been noted that an increase in heart diseases is parallel to increased cases of OA in our society.

It is due to excessive use of the high-fiber diet and fat free diet.
How successful in reducing the risk of heart attacks, this kind of diet is? Not Much. It is evident from the ever increasing graph of heart diseases all over the world. It is definite that ,today, an increased number of people are suffering from the painful joints.

6. Avoid taking food that are sour, spicy, deep fried, oily, pungent, acid, dark poultry, refined sugar, fermented food.

7. According to Ayurveda there are certain combinations of food ,which either aggravate the symptoms  or are responsible in triggering OA .Such type of wrong combinations of food should be avoided, which varies according to individual  body constituent or Dosha.

8. Don’t over eat. Strictly follow the timings of your eating and do not eat in between the meals.

9. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and carbonated beverages.

Suggested Life style for Osteoarthritis:

1. Do mild weight bearing exercises regularly as they improve bone density. When certain yogasanas are done with rhythmic breathing techniques they increase the tissue building and improve the strength and stretching of the muscles around the joints.

2. Moderate regular exercise to keep the affected joint mobile and to prevent further damage, should be carried out. Excessive strain that could damage joints should be avoided.

3. Not to indulge in any type of work that involves standing for a long time.

4. Biking, swimming helps to improve the bone condition.

5. Move at least for 30 minutes daily.

6. Take easy, slow walks.

7. Weight is a main cause in the destruction of your joints, so keep your weight optimum. While loosing weight, try to increase your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Don’t go for excessive fasting as it will cause dryness in your body and will increase catabolic process (Increase Vata) in your body.

8. Don’t control the natural urges of urine and stool. Delayed release increases Vata in your body and causes damage to your bones.

The above suggestions along with Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapies (Detoxification) have proven to be very effective in prevention and Cure for Osteoarthritis.

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